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Wind chimes are popular folk art throughout Asia, particularly the northeastern countries of Korea, China and Japan. They are usually hung outside of private residences and temples, and are appreciated for both their sound and aesthetic beauty.

A reflection of the diversity of cultures in the region, Asian wind chimes come in an amazing variety of styles, materials and sizes, and often reflect the cultural traditions of the country in which they are produced. Traditional wind chime construction materials include iron, bronze, bamboo, wood, ceramic, glass and sea shells.

As with many Asian handicrafts wind chimes are bestowed with a certain amount of myth and superstition. Wind chimes are considered to be a symbol of good luck.  Hanging wind chimes near your home will bring wealth and prosperity to you and your family. Give it a try.  Who knows it might just work.

On a more practical note wind chimes can be used to observe changes in wind direction. For example, if a wind chime is placed on the west side of a building only a west wind will cause it to sound. The sound of the wind chime can alert people to a change in the weather. Useful information and potentially life saving in the age before radio and television weather forecasts.

In modern times wind chimes are more form than function. People hang wind chimes for their soothing sounds and visual beauty. An entire industry has sprung up around this ancient handicraft, complete with famous brands, trade publications, specialty retailers and private collectors.

Thanks to the connecting power of the Internet purchasing a beautiful wind chime from Asia takes little more than a few clicks and a credit card. In some cases you can cut out the middle man and deal direct with the manufacturer. Online shopping is no substitute for a trip to Seoul, Beijing or Kyoto, but don't let that stand between you and a beautiful wind chime.

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